This page is dedicated to all 808 fans. I want your thoughts on them and their music. I will post your words. Become a Friend of the Pacific State : Make an 808 State:ment!
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      "Just found your new cd (808:88:98) think it is awesome! your excerpt in the
     album cover is interesting and makes me appreciate your hard work and efforts
     to make great music. I have been listening to you for about 4 years now. Your
     music is very artistic. Thank you for your interpretations.
     Sara"  [hmmm, could it be that my humble page was mistaken for the official one? cool!]

     I just wanted to say that your page is verrry interesting and, erm..quite
     wonderful.  Thank you for bringing some wonderful memories back to me of
     uncomplicated, virginal, serene dance music.
     I wish you all the best with the site.
     Chris Tisdell. In The Groove Imports."

     "Great web page! Remember the days driving around in LFO with a tinny
      8080808 pounding out of the speakers? We were kings back then!

      WAYNE"   [Yes we were Wayne... we certainly were]

      "You understand"  JD.

       "Congrats on a top bit of music - I hope yer not offended when I say its'
       cheesyness is "magic."
       I still play all my 808 tunes - after 10 years. I love givin' it to all
       my mates who wrote them off as another dance music fad - How many people
       can boast 10 years?
       Here are some of my faves that could make a "rest of" album..
       Don Solaris - Black Dartangnon
       Utd State - Revenge of the Girlie Men
       Gorgeous - Nimbus (I saw them perform that on "Look Northwest")
       Azura Single - joyrider
       From m/cr with Love - Spanish Marching
       Ex:el - Techno Bell
       Newbuild - Compulsion
       Quadrastate - Fire Cracker
       "Fan Club" CD - Lemon
       My only gripe about 808state is they spread their releases so widely
       that it is difficult to track them down! Still it's always a nice
       suprise when you find something new.


       To be tasty is important
       Amen to that"

       "love the site, very few people in this world get the respect they deserve, and
       though its small, your site gives that to 808 state.


      " hi
       just checked out your website, v.cool
       i've been into 808 since '88, Newbuild was the first record i bought.
       i'm glad to see there are so many dedicated fans post to the board, it
       sure does warm the cockles of my heart...
       anyways, must dash. once again respect on a cool website.


      "Hello from a fellow m8 of the st8!
      Your philosophy is one i can definitely identify with, I breathe that
      Pacific string sequence, yawn like the clarinet and goddammit even my
      farts sound like them mellow birds (well, you get the idea anyways...)
      SteveM"   [Excerpt from an Email]

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