All things 808 and synth related

fig 8, the official 808state website. You can find all sorts of cool stuff here!
Or visit the first French 808 site
A Guy called Gerald web site by Nick King.
Johan's unofficial 808 page.
Imusic 808 discussion board.
Synth Museum. Wanna find a particular synth? You've clicked the right place. Huge.
Harmony Central. Scads and scads for electro buffs!
Synth Zone. Software, tips, boards. Huge.
Vintage Synth. Need I say more?
Sonicstate. For gearheads.


Cool electronica

Orbital. Brotherly techno wizards.
System 7. Or alternatively, 777, in the US.
Single gun Theory. Aussie electronics.
The Orb. Adventures in the Ultraworld and beyond! U.F OFF!
Blu Mar Ten. Drum and Bass deep structuralists!
The Black Dog. What more can I say? Vital Brit electronic music!

Temple of Transparent Balls by Black Dog 

Other sites of interest

Chaos control. Online zine dedicated to all things electronic.
Songsearch CD store. Lowest music prices. Popular online music store.
Music Boulevard. Another one!
Cductive. Now this is a fine site! New Music Express. Semantics.
d|i|s|i|n|f|o|r|m|a|t|i|o|n. For all conspiracy theorists.
Wired news. Tech news.
Hyperreal. Volunteer ravers and beat smiths.
Musicstrip. Online music store.
Headspin. IDM and cool reviews.
Bravenet. Cool services for webmasters.
Sidstation. Using the famous C64 sound chip in electronic music!
News of the Weird. Strange stories from around the world. The flagship site for MP3 technology.
Darren's sofa of Transience. Music music and more music...

Visit the Deoxyribonucleic Hyperdimension!

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