Crossing vast distances, millenial miles,
the Web abstracts the physical world
we are accustomed to and
recreates it as space on screen,
with it's own careful arithmetical geography.
Pretty soon we'll have the
Seven Great Wonders of cyber space.
Offer sacrifice to the HTML pantheon
and say goodbye to physical existence.

The Web has become another repository of human thought. A huge library of interconnected hard drives talking in binary and IP addresses. It is a living strata because those of us who use it choose to believe in it. Believing that what we see in our browser windows exists as some independent entity. Without belief there is nothing. Belief is the concrete between bricks, the adhesive of thoughts and concept. Stop believing in the Web entity and it becomes a fading array of numbers.

Stop believing in the validity of Government and
it crumbles overnight.

Daily it seems there are talk show type reactions to this entity called "Internet". I tire of hearing about porn and sites that instruct us on how to make bombs. I tire not because I have anything against these sites, but because the reactions to them are so very strong and so very ignorant.

A strong reaction denotes a strongly walled mind.

The publically accepted basis for censorship on the net always comes down to what the kiddies will see on their screens... what porno-bomb-illegalese will they be goggling at, what nefarious information will be materialising in their browser windows...

Walls keep things out.

The web, being a reflection of the human mind, of a collective mind, represents an insight into our natures. If indeed 85% of the net is devoted to pornography then logic dictates that humanity is rather interested in sex. And why not? We are a species motivated daily by sexual drives. Let us just accept that and live.

Sometimes walls need to be knocked down.
Humpty would have been Ok if that wall had not been there.
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