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Lemons (Rhythm Device mix)
King Quill
La Donna Bionica
Repa Repo (live at Wembley music fair 92)
Control (An early version of 'Contrique' from 89)
Exclusive tracks from 'State to State', the 808 fan club album!
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Lopez (PropellerHeads mix)
Paradan (Paranoid mix by 808state)
Goa (Pagan mix by 808state)
Joyrider (A Natural mix by 808state)
Pump (A Mesmer mix by 808state)
Cool cuts from 'Thermo Kings'. Hard to find until it was released on Hypnotic in the US!
Let Yourself Go!
Quincy's Lunch (limited edition 7"!)
10x10 (Hitman's club mix)
La Luz (Chunky Funky mix)


Let Yourself Go! A classic 808 track from days gone by. Thank you to Mark for creating and mailing the file!

Thank you to Smiley at Smileyweb for the original version of 'Quincy's Lunch' in mp3 format.

This version of '10x10' is on the US Tommy Boy release of the single. The B-side, 'La Luz', backs it. Not an easy single to locate these days!

Cubik 98
Pacific 98
Various cuts from 808:88:98. The album celebrating ten years of 808 dabbling!
Pacific 202
These are from an album called 'Acid Brass'. Big Brass versions of classic dance tunes played by the Williams Fairey Brass band.


Gerald Simpson, before branching out on his own, formed a part of the early 808 sound. With the hit 'Voodoo Ray' A Guy called Gerald (as he is known), announced his departure for other pastures. This box will be my little audio dedication to him. 'Silent' and 'Energy' (I have no other names for them) are both drum and bassier Gerald sounds.


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