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Acid Brass compilationClassic acid tunes played by the Williams Fairey Brass band. The quality varies. Some electronic tunes translate well to brass and some just sound repetitive. 

Lets get Brutal by NitroDeluxe 
What Time is Love by the KLF (a classic!) 
Voodoo Ray  by A Guy called Gerald (Former 808state member Gerald Simpson gets the brass treatment here) 
Jibaro by Electra (anyone remember Balearic?) 

SaturnzReturnSaturnzreturn. An enigmatic offering from Goldie, UK Junglist massive... 

Crystal Clear (a soulful excursion into Goldie funk) 
Mother (The 60 minute orchestral piece. You either like it or not...decide for yourself) 
I'll be There for You (Guerilla breakbeat science gone post raving Goldie) 

Power to Move the Stars  by 4 Hero   
Universal Love   by 4 Hero                             
Solar Emissions  by 4 Hero 
Shadowrun  by 4 Hero 
Follow your Heart (pt2)  by 4 Hero 
Virtual (woma moonbeat mix) (355k)
Remember this one by the Black Dog? Hard to find track from 1992. This one's a loverly chunky sample! Worth the download time. Enjoy.
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