You will need to download Realplayer to listen to the following audio cuts.
Download a free version by clicking on the link graphic above!

Please be aware that some of the realmedia linked to in the following pages does not stream. That is, you will have to wait for them to download to your machine before you can listen to them. This is due to server streaming problems.

Listen to 808state in RealAudio here
A Guy called Gerald coming soon! Former
808er ! Think back to 1988 !

Or listen to a variety of dance and electronic samples here
A non ordered list of some of my fave samples!
Check out an old Black dog track!

Hear some cool electro submitted by
musicians, enthusiasts and bedroom techs!
Dig the acidic sounds of JonTE


If you want to create some RealAudio yourself, grab the Encoder from the RA site. I will be more than happy to host your samples! I warmly invite any would be techno assassins out there to send me a few personal sound bytes!
Obscure mixes and hard to get samples are encouraged! Just make sure that the sample length is 30 seconds or under.