In a culture devoted to immediacy and fingertip information the next logical step is to actually merge with our electronic devices. Subdermal implants, Biochips designed to store sensitive information, barcode medical tattoos, hard drives in the head, e mail in the shoulder pads. Convenience. Pentium as fashion statement. Electronic body enhancement right next to the nipple rings.


Sunlight dissolves through curtain slits and the blanket static of morning radio.
She wakes feeling groggy as though her EgoMaxim BrainPlant had exploded during the nocturnal hours,
shooting mini drive shrapnel through her cortex.
But judging by the familiar pain in her abdomen she knows it to be a bad mix
of the alcohol she had last night and her weekly dose of Nympho-moan sex driver.
Eyes glazing as she accesses the engines in her head.
Neural paths greased by desire and nano-bots.
"Note: Never buy that cheap Nymph driver again!"
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