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The RoughGuide to Rock
A detailed 808 history from 'Record Collector '93 Thank you Sid!
5 questions with 808 state!
Highwire Daze interview with Graham Massey

Tasty stuff!

1999 review of Newbuild
808state Equipment list
Jelení príkop - 808 in the Czech republic!
Live at Heaton Park 1998
Images of the State at Heaton!
Fish & Chips
Manc lads explode!! [avi movie, 149kb]
Happy Andy! [avi movie, 74 kb]


ConcertPress Release
MTVBlah article
Dazed and Confused Article
NME Article
Oliver Swanton on the State
Thanks again Sid!

A fish eye view!

Some text excerpted from

Some of the snippings I have here are getting old.
I'd really like some new ones to add.
If you have any write ups, snips or whatever,