Parallel Universe
4 Hero
 Drum and Bass in 1995
There are some gorgeous sounds on this album. Warm, astral string arrangements that bend the ear and play in the mind long after the disc stops spinning. There are also a multitude of frenetic jungle breakbeat assaults which often punctuate the syrupy ambience and can be annoying.
"Universal Love" is a classic tune. Perfect opening chords, alto sax melody and soaring female vocals. "No Imitation" kicks in and 4 Hero crank up the echo on a two tone riff which spins into the distance.
The middle album, always vital in the sense that it focusses and guides the listener, is here, very poor in that it consists of wearing fast beats and little of the smoothness that characterises the beginning. I must remember though, that it was produced in 1995, a time when ravier tunes and beatier tracks were in vogue.
"Follow Your Heart [Pt 2]" is brilliant. Jazzy bubbles against a background of warm strings. "Sunspots" is reminiscent of the warmer wave of Detroit sounds and tantalises with an evolving pattern of chords.

With Parallel Universe, 4 Hero have delivered an album brimming with warmth and pace, bent sonics and beat up dynamics. There is a constant tension between the seductive ambience of strings and ravaging beats. Sometimes they work well together, at other times they clash and I find myself wishing for less of the drum machine and more of the mellow.

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