There has been an electronic revolution in the music industry. The legacy of Beethoven, Debussey, Robert Moog, Kraftwerk, Brian Eno and a host of other experimentalists has driven a generation to seek Nirvana in the TB-303 (alright, it's a bit corny). But what I am getting at is the fact that music is now in a giant melting pot. Genre divisions are being forgotten.

This page is dedicated to the music of homegrown techno assassins, bedroom music makers, 303 fanatics and analog daydreamers. If you make music I want your stuff! Whether you use your PC, rudimentary tape looping gear or full fledged workstations, all that I ask for is enthusiasm and a willingness to experiment and push boundaries.
For those who are curious, this is what can be done! Listen...

Once again, due to server streaming difficulties, some of the music on this page will not stream and you will need to click the link to download it to your machine before listening to it.


I am pleased to present the work of Jonas Ahrentorp. But enough of me. These are his words:

01Syntax (236kb)
02Syntax (251kb)
03Syntax (222kb)

Short info 'bout myself and the tunes:

name: Jonas Ahrentorp
presentes most music under handle: jonTe
These three short pieces are made to represent a part of that
music that I do in my spare time. They are made with ReBirth 2.0
and Acid, packed to realaudio with RealProducer.

Take care!
Jonas Ahrentorp (jonTe/sirQL8/centipede)
Opinions expressed are mine and not those of Innovative AB. |=/\+

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