808 Live
Heaton Park. Manchester. 1998.
Thanks and respect to Ruddy and Sid for their thoughts and views

"The "Gig" was a Pepsi sponsored all day event which consisted of a ski slope, 5 bungee jumping cranes, some video games and loads of fast food places. There were several large screens which showed close ups of the stage area and, of course, Pepsi Max adverts. It was all a bit crap if you're not into bungee jumping. 808 were due on @ 9:30 as the last act of the day. I think it was Normskidoing the intro - he was definitely on something!
At 9:45 they rolled out and did their stuff.
We got a measly 45 minutes (carefully controlled by Pepsi, I guess) with no room for any creativity or encores. I thought they'd gone off stage for a breather, but no - that was it! Still, it was good while it lasted and i'm glad i went.
As far as I can remember it went something like this...
Warmup - freestyle noise (mic man cut off part of Massey's "snake charming")
In yer face
 + Some new stuff too

This isn't a definitive list - my memory is a bit dodgy!

See Ya,

"Hi Steve,

Just thought i'd give you a bit of a rundown on the 808 gig last Saturday at Heaton Park, Manchester. It was part of a big free festival/exhibition of extreme sports, bungee jumping, snowboarding, BMX, etc. 808 went on stage about 9.40pm. Their live line-up has increased to six onstage, with the three group members being assisted by
two drummers and a guitarist. They kicked off straight away with a new track, it is a really uptempo guitar-led track which absolutely rocks.

Then it was straight into 'Pacific', which live, is similar to the '98 remix, but is extended, about 7 minutes long. Graham was really going for it on the clarinet. Then 'In Yer Face', I don't know if you've heard this live at all, for the past couple of years they've been playing a remixed version, faster and more kicking. 'Banacheq' came next. I love the visuals which accompany this track, it's all Chinese film footage of ninja and samurai knocking the hell out of each other with massive swords.

Then it was another new track. 808 go jungle! I don't really like drum 'n' bass as a genre, it tends to be repetitive and samey, but 808 have taken a different approach with it, and it's quite a good track (although I suppose i'm biased!). 'Bonded' followed, have you heard that? It's a big-beat version of 'Bond', with the guitars and breakbeats up loud! 'This is rock n roll Manchester style!', shouted Darren, and judging by the crowd reaction they all thought so too. The finale was 'Cubik', again a variation on the '98 remix, but beefed up for the live mix. It ended with Graham throwing his guitar on the floor and kicking it while it was still plugged in, and a load of front of stage fireworks lighting the whole thing. It was absolutely fantastic!

I know it was a short gig, and it was definitely a mixed crowd (everyone from mums with kids to old-school ravers like me), but I have to say it rated as one of the finest 808 gigs i've ever been to. The atmosphere was fantastic, it's always the same whenever i've seen 808 play their home town. I have a couple of photos which I am waiting to get developed. A girl who had a stage pass kindly took them for me from right at the front. Unfortunately I only had a couple of shots left on the film, but when i get them developed i'll scan them in and mail them to you.


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